Friday, February 2, 2007

Buying a Woodworking Jointer

Buying a Working Jointer.

A woodworking jointer is a must whether
it is in a small shop or a huge cabinet
shop. Many people feel that if you own
a planer you do not need a woodworking
jointer. Planers are used to reduce
your wood and to smooth a board. A
Jointer is needed to flatten and square
the board in order for the planer to do
its job. It also has many versatile jobs.
Rabbits, bevel cuts, round tenons,
tapered cuts are all specialties that
can be done on your jointer.

Look at
Delta 37-365X Industrial X5 DJ20 8" Precision
Jointer, 1.5 HP, 230V

For larger shops and cabinetwork the
stationary woodworking jointers are a
must. There are many high quality
machines that can be bought. Look for
the good points that make them easier
and more efficient to use. Some of the
things that many woodworkers look for
is the ease of adjusting the infeed table.
Remember the more jointer knives that
cut the wood the better the finish. Also
look for the ease of adjusting the jointer

Fence movement is also important, make
sure that the fence will adjust easily
to an angled setting with out much fuss.
The longer fence the better.

I always check out the spec’s features
of the tools. There are so many jobs
that your woodworking jointer can do than
just shave wood from the faces and sides.
Can’t decide? Let me share one of my
favorites with you -
Delta 37-365X Industrial X5 DJ20 8" Precision
Jointer, 1.5 HP, 230V

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